About Darwin Surplus

Darwin Surplus brings to life the adventures of the lost airship Dracwyn and her noble crew, through graphic books, printed shirts and other ephemera.

About Karen-Meredith

Eighteen years ago, the seed of Darwin Surplus was planted when Karen-Meredith’s infant son loved his sling so much that it began to tear into long strips.  Patchwork seemed in order, and she made her first Bovine Constrictor in order to hold the lovey together.  Since then she’s been busy having a life, raising kids and a husband, producing two albums of original folk/blues, eating Thai food, moving around the world, and generally causing a stir.  She is perpetually seeking projects which offer collaboration, humor, insight, and creation.  In the hopes of combining and fostering her love of storytelling, her penchant for vintage, a fondness for animals, and her desire to make people laugh, she is founding Darwin Surplus and creating these fantastical creatures.

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